I’ve been working on grabbing some gigs for the winter and spring. There will be some big announcements by week’s end. I also plan on releasing a few previews of new songs in their preproduction phase so stay tuned.

In the meantime, here is an acoustic rendition I recorded of one of my favorite songs of all time…..The Replacements: “Can’t Hardly Wait.” Click the link below to give it a listen.

can’t hardly wait

This past summer I spent a weekend with a number of musicians and performers at the Livingston Taylor retreat at Boston University. Since that weekend of inspiration (and epic criticism of yours truly), I’ve been focused on developing new and meaningful material. I’ve added a few demo-style recordings as for your listening as I make final adjustments to these songs. All of the instrumentation is by me, though the drum tracks are electronic I still have to make things work reasonably well. The rhythm guitar and vocals are live recordings. Once I figure out how to connect my mixer interface to the iPad I will add bass guitar as well. Hope you enjoy and thanks for listening. You can hear these songs under the “listen” tab of the menu.

Thanks for jumping onto the website!  I haven’t maintained a personal music site for a number of years, but, here were are again!  Here’s what you missed:

I was playing a lot of music solo in the earlier part of the current decade and the latter part of the last decade.  I’ve been playing a great deal with a great group of characters gigging around the New Hampshire area but, more importantly, enjoying music and the community it creates.

Look for me across the seacoast and beyond in the coming year.  I’ll be booking shows for the upcoming spring and summer to help support the recording of an EP that I’m hoping to have done and available by June 2019.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton